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Tell EPA and DOT to save our standards
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For years, America’s cars have been speeding towards a safer, healthier, cleaner future—but now, the Trump Administration is slamming on the brakes.

The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation are now “reevaluating” clean cars standards that have been exhaustively proven to be achievable, economically beneficial, and extremely effective.

Before the EPA and DOT come to a final conclusion, tell them: Americans won’t stand for this giant leap backwards.

If we allow these standards to be weakened or removed, we’re not just further forfeiting our leadership on climate—we are firmly placing America’s automotive industry behind the rest of the world.

China has already taken the global lead in terms of electric vehicles on the road. India has challenged itself to be gas-free by 2030. And in Europe, Britain and France have both announced plans to be all electric by 2040.

Here in the U.S., electric vehicles are already on pace to comprise 10 percent of new vehicle sales by 2025. And the auto industry has taken notice, with manufacturers and suppliers developing and deploying fuel efficient technologies at a much faster rate—and a much lower cost—than was forecast when these standards were first proposed.

Despite this incredible rate of innovation in the automotive industry, some industry groups and their allies in the White House are trying to undermine these critical human health and climate protections. These groups are reverting back to the old “can’t do” approach that led to the need for a massive bail out of the industry a decade ago.

Why is the Trump Administration siding with these naysayers and working to drag our automotive industry into a dirtier, more expensive future?

Take action today and prove to the Trump Administration, the auto industry, and the world that Americans won’t stand idly by while our protections are stripped away.

Thank you for standing with us,

Heather Shelby
Action Network Manager