Author: Guy T. Hall         Published: 9/14/2020    ELECTRIC Auto Assoication

With a mix of online and in-person events around the country, it will be an remarkable year.

National Drive Electric Week 2019

National Drive Electric Week 2019

National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) is coming up fast Sept. 26 – Oct. 4. Electric Auto Association chapters and electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts are planning 200 virtual or physical events across North America. As many know, most events have expanded into the virtual space, and this is an exciting opportunity to share our knowledge, passion, and expertise to a broader audience.

With so many virtual events you can now attend National Drive Electric Week events on the other side of the continent. Live in Oregon? Attend Rhode Island’s “Ask an EV Owner” discussion.

Download the PDF program here of all sessions, with updates made every day.

Teams are pulling in speakers from across the world to provide an entertaining and informative virtual EVerything, including: History, New Models, Solar, Technology, Diversity, Policy and Advocacy, Road Trips, Incentives, and Performance. Several teams are engaging local or regional talent for community EV showcases.

Depending on local requirements, some locales will continue to provide in-person events that are held outdoors with social distancing and enhanced safety precautions. They include meet-ups at a drive-in or in-your-car driving events.

  • Get involved today by signing up to attend an event or volunteering: Visit and register for your events today.

  • Pass the word onto friends, neighbors, and family by posting the website on social media.

  • Sign up to help. Even virtual events require assistance to create a cool session.

  • Recruit speakers. Do you know someone with  compelling EV knowledge who can participate in a virtual event? Contact Guy Hall now.

  • Create your own virtual EV event. It’s as simple as registering and setting up a Zoom meeting. We can help.

More events will be added over the next few weeks, so remember to continue visiting for updates.

Join us too for the National Drive Electric Week Kick-Off virtual event on September 24 hosted by the Electric Auto Association, Plug In America and Sierra Club as we give a sneak peak into what the week holds.