The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) is a national, nonprofit coalition of public agencies and organizations working together to advance clean energy. CESA members—mostly state agencies— include many of the most innovative, successful, and influential public funders of clean energy initiatives in the country.

CESA works with state leaders, federal agencies, industry representatives, and other stakeholders to develop and promote clean energy technologies and markets. It supports effective state and local policies, programs, and innovation in the clean energy generation sector, with an emphasis on renewable energy, financing strategies, and economic development. CESA facilitates information sharing, provides technical assistance, coordinates multi-state collaborative projects, and communicates the views and achievements of its members.

Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) works with state and municipal agencies and other stakeholders to advance clean energy markets. CESA works with its members and others to develop and promote clean energy technologies and policies through:

  • Information exchange and analysis: CESA supports a growing peer network of states and muncipalities dedicated to learning from each other and joining forces to expand the markets for clean energy technologies.
  • Partnership development: CESA jumpstarts new strategic partnerships between the states, the federal government, and industry players to accelerate clean energy investment.
  • Joint projects: CESA assists states to work together to tackle major challenges and to achieve their clean energy goals.
  • Client services: CESA delivers quality, tailored data and expertise on clean energy technologies, policy, and finance to its members; we work with the National Labs and Department of Energy to provide analysis of renewable energy technologies and markets; and we represent the interests of state clean energy programs in federal forums to ensure states are provided with more resources and flexibility to drive their programs.

States policies and programs are now clearly the main driving force for renewable energy progress in the U.S. CESA is dedicated to supporting this state leadership, activity, and innovation in the clean energy sector. We invite you to join us in driving a new national clean energy future.

Note: Clean Energy States Alilance does not provide funding for projects, does not sell or endorse solar equipment, and does not provide commercial products of any kind.

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