Published by:Environmental Defense Fund EFD August 23, 2017.

Pollution doesn’t stop at state borders. And in the case of Maryland, smokestack pollution from states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky is blowing downwind—putting you and your community in harm’s way.

Even worse: The power plants responsible have already installed pollution controls that can help—they’re just not using them. That’s why Maryland joined with other downwind states to petition to EPA to do its job and enforce its “Good Neighbor” protections under the Clean Air Act that tackle this problem.

The EPA was supposed to respond to Maryland’s petition by July 15th—but failed to carry out its responsibility to act.Don’t stand for inaction: Take action today, and tell EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to step up, do his job, and protect public health


Administrator E. Scott ‘Scott’ Pruitt
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Please enforce the EPA’s “Good Neighbor” Provision

Dear Administrator Pruitt,

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I am writing today to strongly urge you to enforce the EPA’s “Good Neighbor” Provision. The deadline to respond to the Good Neighbor petition filed by Maryland and other downwind states last year has come and gone, without any response from your agency. These states and the communities afflicted by coal plant smokestack pollution deserve an answer, now more than ever.

We are in the midst of peak ozone season when poor air quality is at its most dangerous levels and putting people’s health–especially the health of children, the elderly, and those with asthma–at risk. Pollution impacting local communities and crossing over state borders only exacerbates the problem, and leaves those downwind states without any recourse to help their residents.

Yet these coal plants have already-installed pollution controls on their smokestacks meant to lessen the negative effects to air quality in communities and states downwind of their plants; they’re just not turning them on.

Please enforce the reasonable and common-sense “Good Neighbor” Provision, and protect public health and vital ecosystems threatened by this dangerous smokestack pollution.

Ronald Bethea
7614 15th Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912-7052
United States