Environmental Defense Fund Published on Mar 8, 2018

The clean energy and sustainability job industry remains a growing source of employment for over 4 million Americans, compared to the coal industry, which employs only 160,000 workers.

Clean energy and sustainability jobs are well-paying, local jobs available to individuals of all different educational and career backgrounds. However, changes to incentives and policies – like Trump’s recent 30 percent tariff on solar imports – continue to impact the clean energy economy, leading to an uncertain outlook for jobs growth. Helping to keep the industry’s momentum, businesses and local governments are setting goals, targets and signing on to commitments.

In this EDF member webinar held on March 1, 2018, Ellen Shenette, EDF Climate Corps manager, and Ben Metcalf, former EDF Climate Corps fellow, shared highlights from EDF’s recent clean energy jobs report and discussed the implications of the Trump administration’s policies on the future growth of the industry.