Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, PhD, DHP, President of The Environmental Health Global

It all began…

Environmental Health Global emerged out of the HOPE of a Registered Nurse who unknowingly purchased a home that was very toxic.   She developed breast cancer and a stroke.  Her son developed a brain injury. With the support of other healthcare professionals and engineers, she discovered that her region was under an EPA ALERT for a high level of toxins that could cause cancer and brain injury.  She began to research  to try to find solutions.  She engaged the CALL of the Office of the Surgeon General to become a “Change Agent” for researching answers and developing evidence based solutions to make indoor home and work spaces safer.

We Have Identified A Problem…

Environmental Health Global experts are Change Agents for cities, farms, and families that are plagued with illnesses caused by air and radiation toxins in the environments. Because of this problem, America is under a NATIONAL ADVISORY ALERT by many Federal Agencies. In  some communities, everyone on the “Street” has cancer or asthma, diabetes, seizures and other diseases.

We believe environmental diseases CAN BE eradicated and health regained! We are working to find ways to build capacity for reducing exposure to indoor toxins and creating healthy indoors.  We support initiatives of the:

The FIRST Medical-ECO Engineering “ECO 180 Healthy SMART Home Model


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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