Author: Emerald Cities Collaborative Staff   Published: 3/29/2022    ECCS


Dear EJ/CJ Community, HERE IT IS! The first 4 modules of THE PEOPLE’S JUSTICE 40+ COMMUNITY BENEFIT PLAYBOOK. The playbook breaks down the various Federal Spending Bills, how the money will flow, and how to organize for and develop community benefit strategies to harness these investments for your community. Since most of the federal funds will not go directly to communities, this is an organizing toolkit and not a fundraising guide. Unlike other guidance documents, the playbook tells it like it is. We give it to you in plain English (we hope) and we put our justice issues first and link them to the spending bills and federal programs. Most importantly, the playbook lays out the organizing work that will be needed to develop a community benefit plan to make Justice40+ or Justice100 a reality. There are 9 modules to the Playbook that can be read separately, depending on your need to know. Today’s release includes:

Five additional modules will be released over the next weeks including:

  • The Water Justice Playbook
  • The Economic Inclusion Playbook
  • The Climate and Environmental Justice Playbook
  • The Transportation Justice Playbook
  • How to Develop a Community Benefit Plan

These are living documents. The playbook can be downloaded as a pdf for each module, and a complete first edition Playbook will be available in a few weeks. But keep coming back. The on-line version will be continuously updated to include changes as they happen to keep you current. The information and resources shared here coalesces and involves the work of several collaborators, including Communities First, the Water Equity and Climate Resilience Caucus, and the team who built the We Power Policy Toolkit, as well as the Emerald Cities team that bring their decade long experience doing intersectional work and have been working closely with the Federal Administration to translate these spending bills into community priorities.  We look to you to make this even better. Your inputs, ideas and feedback are appreciated.   Feel free to contact us, using the form at the bottom of the webpage if you have questions, suggested edits/updates, as well as any additional thoughts these materials spark for you. Please share these resources widely. In community, Emerald Cities Team

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