Solar Panels and DC Generators constantly charge the 30 kW Lithium Ion Battery Brick. The Lithium Ion Battery Brick uses a patented serial and parallel wiring to charge and discharge. By not using the 15,000 charge/discharge life cycles, the batteries will last 20 years plus.  

Solar Panels and Lithium ion Battery Brick

The next generation of energy production is finally here. The Solar Generator is designed to be used as a primary power source in your facility, whether grid supply or behind the meter. 

High Efficiency Speed Control DC Motors

High Efficiency Speed Control DC Motors and DC Blower Motors and controllers for greater durability and reliability. We use electronic controllers to maximize efficiency. Our motors use less than 1/3rd the energy of conventional motors. Recycle back EMF.

Power Q – Quality Control Box

The Power Q regulates power quality output to sync with the grid and maintain proper harmonics. Clean sine waves, stable Hz and harmonics, with no voltage spikes.

Get Renewable Energy 24/7

The Solar Hybrid Generator produces clean, green baseload energy twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year. 100% green power using no fuel with no emission.

Small Footprint

We create energy in a fraction of the space required by traditional solar. As a comparison, a 1MW capacity solar array encumbers ~5 acres of land. The hybrid generator can match the output in 270 sq ft, producing 525,600 kWh annually in 8’ x 5’ footprint utilizing zero carbon based fuels.

Scalable from 60 kW to 1 TW

The self-sustaining Solar Generator unit can be installed as a single unit or scaled to 1 TW power plants to meet all your energy demands, under any environmental conditions.

Quality we can Guarantee

The Solar Generator comes with a 90% production guarantee, 10-year bumper to bumper, and a 6 month buy back program. The unique array of patented components is what creates the amazing outsize efficiency: Solar, Battery, Wind, and propriety Electric Motors. They all work in harmony to provide the highest quality clean energy – all day, every day – with remote monitoring and only 15 minutes of annual maintenance.

Hybrid Solar Generator

40 HP DC Speed
Control Motor
40 HP DC Speed
Control Motor
30 kW DC
60 kW DC
30 kW Lithium Ion
Battery Pack
Power Q
Control Box
40 HP DC Speed
Control Motor
Power Wind