Community Garden Center

The Sunnyside Ag Hub addresses the needs of communities in Food Deserts by providing an educational and demonstration garden center and a processing and packaging hub for local gardeners and urban farmers.. Exhibition and demonstration gardens and displays educate the community in effective and profitable small and medium scale gardening methods.

The building and its programs aim to be carbon-neutral and economically self-sustaining through the use of intensive closed-loop aquaponic growing techniques. The project up-cycles and reuses many materials and “waste” from local construction, starting with the recycling of 12 used shipping containers which form the structure. Raised planter beds are created with used wood scraps from nearby construction sites. A solar array provides energy for the building and is sold back to the grid. All rainfall on the site is captured and reused. Biophilic design principles connect the visitors and workers with the healing and restorative effects of nature.

Client: South Union Community Development Corp.

Designer: Pyranak Design Group

Aquaponics Consultant: RTBiosciences

Production Drafting: designerDOX

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