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Stewardship + Equity: Rooting a New Rural Legacy
May 13 from 1 – 3 pm ET
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Hosted by Aspen CSG, Thrive Rural Open Field sessions are relaxed, conversational gatherings where rural and tribal community and economic development professionals can meet, share stories, swap lessons, and build community.Bring a cup of coffee, tea (or other beverage of your choice), and a willingness to have fun and engage with others in a relaxed, low-stakes virtual environment.

What’s our discussion topic? Building on our just-published Stewardship + Equity brief and rural perspectives at Aspen Ideas: Climate, this session will emphasize the wider importance of natural landscapes within rural and tribal communities and economies. For this exchange, we’re asking folks to come ready to discuss this question:How are you (or your community) thinking and acting on the issue of rural stewardship, including balancing your region’s economic development with environmental sustainability? We want you to join the discussion. Whether you live and work in Western states with large swaths of publicly owned lands, Eastern states where much land is privately held, or a Native nation with distinct cultural practices connected to the land, we welcome all to join the discussion and share insights and lessons. Come to hear and learn from colleagues who may (or may not) be thinking of rural stewardship and economic development in similar ways.  How will the session work? We’ll open with short remarks from Stewardship + Equity brief authors Mikki Sager and Chitra Kumar before an optional peer networking meet-and-greet. Then, the whole group will engage in a moderated conversation. You don’t have to share your voice to participate in the event; we encourage you to come just to listen if preferred. All are welcome.

This discussion is grounded in Aspen CSG’s Thrive Rural Framework. Based on research and best practices from the field, this framework shows what needs to be true within both a local-level and systems-level theory of change for equitable rural prosperity to occur.Read more about how the Thrive Rural Framework features stewardship as an important component of equitable rural prosperity.
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Meet our moderator. Devin Deaton, Aspen CSG’s Action Learning Manager, will moderate this session. Devin recently wrote on Disaster Planning and Rural Resilience and serves as Co-Chair of the Aspen Institute Green Team.
CSG helps connect national and regional organizations as they learn from rural practitioners, conduct needed research, analyze systems, spark innovation, and create useful information and tools for policy, practice and systems change – change that will generate the Thrive Rural outcome of more widespread and equitable rural prosperity.The Thrive Rural Framework is a tool to organize learning, strengthen understanding, and catalyze and align action around what it will take for communities and Native nations across the rural United States to be healthy places where each and every person belongs, lives with dignity, and thrives.
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