The Transformation Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) focuses on uplifting neimapghborhoods in Price George’s County that face significant economic, health, public safety, and educational challenges. Via the initiative, the County is working to improve the quality of life in those neighborhoods, while identifying ways to improve service delivery throughout the county for all residents.

The TNI Clean Energy Program builds on the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative, and seeks to help alleviate efficiency challenges faced by County residents. Taking the link between energy efficiency and social inequality to hart, and helping to break the cycle of energy inefficiency and energy poverty, the TNI energy grants are to assist TNI residents with adopting energy efficiency and water efficiency measures, and for subsequent access to rooftop solar photovoltaics upon the successful implementation of efficiency measures.

Program Objectives

Funds can be used to offset the costs of various energy efficiency, water efficiency,and retrofitting measures, and for professional services needed to address the barriers to efficiency and/or solar energy for the respective property.

Participants in the TNI Clean Energy Grant Program, are required to apply to the applicable EmPOWER Maryland incentive program: for market rate applicants, Pepco’s Home performance with ENERGY STAR Program, or for income-qualified applicants, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s (DHCD) Low Income Energy Efficiency Program

Grants will be available to offset the costs of measures as recommended by a home energy assessment, to facilitate implementation of efficiency measures – funds may also be used to address challenges that would prevent the adoption of recommended efficiency measures. Upon completion of energy efficiency upgrades, residents in TNI designated communities may apply for rooftop solar grants.


Applicants to the program must:

Subject to the availability of funds, grants will be dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Energy Efficiency Grant Allocation

A. Grants to offset 100% of the cost, post EmPOWER Maryland incentive, of the home energy audit.

B. Grants up to $5000, after incentives from the respective EmPOWER Maryland programs, to offset:

a. The participant’s cost to address deficiencies which prevent adoption of recommended efficiency measures (i.e. health and safety measures).

b. The participant’s cost to effect efficiency measures.

Solar Energy Grant

Download Grant Instruction, Application, and Terms and Conditions

This option is available to residents in the TNI designated communities and in the Pepco service area. Grantees must successfully implement efficiency measures to qualify for funding for solar PV. The minimum system size to qualify for a grant is 2kW.

Grants for leased systems are 50% of eligible costs up t $2000. For income-qualified applicants (total household gross incomes that are less than 60% of the median income for Prince George’s County as specified by Maryland Department Housing and Community Development, the maximum grant for homeowner owned systems is 100% of cost up to $10,000.

For market rate applicants, the maximum grant for homeowner owned systems is 50% of cost up to $5000.

Eligible costs are front costs for the solar energy system including any parts, component, or accessory equipment necessary to operate the device, and reasonable costs associated with installing the device. A maximum of 15% of the grant can be spent on reasonable measures to facilitate the installation of the system on a rooftop. SEP staff should be contacted to ensure the measure qualifies.


  • Reside in the TNI designated communities.
  • Reside in Pepco service area.
  • Have successfully implemented energy efficiency measures on or after March 23, 2016.
  • Only solar photovoltaic (PV) systems installed after January 1, 2018 are eligible.
  • See TNI Clean Energy Program solar grant application for more details on eligibility.

Subject to the availability of funds, grants will be dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis.