Author: CAPGENINI Published: 9/17/2019

The traditional utilities business model is under pressure worldwide, but new technologies have the power to transform the industry. Intelligent Automation opens the possibility of using digital technologies to streamline operations and deliver a better customer experience.
Your competitors are already getting ahead:

  • Vermont Electric Power Company is using data science and machine learning to develop a weather forecasting system. That means more efficient solar and wind farms.
  • GE Renewable Energy is designing virtual wind farms with machine learning to optimize production of individual turbines.
  • Exelon is resolving complaints on outages and bills with an AI-powered chatbot which is reducing churn and improving the customer experience.

Do not get left behind. Resistance to automation can be an issue but these initiatives are vital to meet the growing demand for clean, cheap, reliable energy. Early adopters are already gaining a competitive advantage, so make sure you are ready to deliver the utility of the future. Find the right use cases that can deliver high value with minimal complexity. Read how Intelligent Automation will transform the utilities industry.


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