Posted : April 21,2018
 These powerful utilities rely on elected officials to support market barriers that make it harder for us to take control of where our electricity comes from. They secure this support not by persuasive arguments, but with paid lobbyists and campaign donations. Since 1990, utilities have given close to one-quarter of a billion dollars ($239,556,420) to federal politicians, and hundreds of millions more on lobbying and campaign donations to state-level candidates.1

Enough is enough! We can no longer tolerate our elected officials supporting utilities who deny us our rights.

If you believe that monopoly utilities should not be able to buy and influence their way towards bad policies, that our elected representatives should be independent from private utilities, and that politicians should shape energy policy to benefit all ratepayers and the public interest, please urge your state representatives to declare their independence by signing the “Represent Us, Not Utilities” Pledge:

To maintain independence from monopoly utility interests and to avoid the perception of undue influence on my positions concerning state energy policies, I will take no campaign contributions from utility corporations, their Political Action Committees, lobbyists and executives.

Want to help spread the word? Click here to print out a pledge for your local candidates to sign. Scan it or take a picture and email it to us at:

Additional resources, (a joint project of the Energy and Policy Institute and the Center for Media and Democracy, tracks electric utility anti-solar lobbying and campaign contributions. These include:

Rooftop Solar Dims Under Pressure From Utility Lobbyists – The New York Times reports on efforts by utilities to slow the development of rooftop solar.

1. Source: Center for Responsive Politics; To find out if state candidates and elected officials in your area are taking money from utility interests, go to