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Veterans Career Development

Are You:
★ A veteran interested in a career in Cybersecurity?
★ A student veteran, a recent graduate, or looking for
a career development position?
Do You:
★ Want more than just a job?
★ Want to continue to serve your country?

If you answered “Yes” to these
questions, we may have a career
for you!

The Vets-to-Feds (V2F) Career Development Program
for Cybersecurity offers the opportunity to gain valuable
on-the-job training and experiences related to the
cybersecurity career field. Positions can vary and may
include Information Security, Digital Forensics, Customer
Support and more. Applicants can be hired under two
hiring authorities: Veterans Recruitment Appointment or
Pathways Recent Graduate.

Sponsored by the Interagency Council on Veterans
Employment, this program is designed to recruit and
support the development of our nation’s veterans for
careers within the Federal Government.

This exciting program includes:
★ Challenging work assignments
★ Potential for accelerated promotions
★ Benefits package that includes annual leave,
sick leave, health and life insurance, retirement
plan, paid Federal holidays, and more

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