Author: Elle De La Cancela   Published: 1/19/2021      CCAN

Virtual Lobbying 101 Training 

Dear Ronald,

Thank you so much for attending our Virtual Lobbying 101 training hosted by CCAN Action Fund and Virginia League of Conservation Voters. With the tools from this event, you hopefully will feel more comfortable speaking on the legislation you are passionate about with our lawmakers this General Assembly Session.

For those of you who didn’t make it or who would like a refresher, you can find our presentation slides here. A video recording of the event is also available here. And we have the information packet with all things Clean Cars here.

We also have some helpful links to resources we mentioned during the webinar. If you are looking to find your legislator, check out the meeting schedule, learn general bill information (use quick links tab), or give written or oral testimony in either the house or the senate, you can do so by clicking the hyperlinks.

And lastly: here are some opportunities to put your skills to good use:

  1. Conservation Lobby Day with our partners at Virginia Conservation Network on January 21st from 8am-12:30pm;
  2. Clean Transportation Lobby Day with CCAN, LCV and Sierra Club on January 28th from 8am-12:30pm.

Our events can all be found here.

There will be more opportunities to get involved with other intersectional legislation (think: worker’s rights, land use/housing) throughout this session, so keep an eye on your emails. In the meantime, feel free to shoot us a line with any questions.

We hope to see you at one of our events soon!

In solidarity,
Lauren & Elle