Author: AEE Staff       Published: 12/16/21   AEE


Climate-related policy activities on the national stage continue to steal the spotlight, but when it comes to measurable progress, it’s the boots on the ground at the state level who are making things happen in the drive toward 100% clean energy. In this on-demand webinar, recorded live on November 18, hear from decision makers who were instrumental in advancing landmark clean energy and electrified transportation legislation in 2021, and learn how big legislative wins in California, Colorado, and Virginia will open market opportunities for advanced energy businesses. Download this on-demand webinar, featuring:

  • Delegate Lamont Bagby | Chair, Legislative Black CaucusVirginia House of Delegates
  • Senator Chris Hansen | Chair, Appropriations Committee Colorado Senate
  • Patty Monahan | CommissionerCalifornia Energy Commission
  • Amisha Rai | Managing Director (Moderator)Advanced Energy Economy

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