Giving Youth An Eco-Advantage!

Green Tech conducts weekly classroom instruction, green tours and comprehensive adult/peer mentoring. Our program is based on preparing youth for careers that contribute to energy efficiency, renewable energy and overall efforts to develop sustainable communities.

Green Tech Students are taught the core element of “Going Green” is to improve health conditions for all humans sharing the earth. Our goal is to develop quality business development and workforce skills for a cleaner environment through smart social, economic and human development strategies.

Green Tech connects young adults to high-wage jobs in the emerging clean, green market sector. Considered the fastest growing economic sector in the world, green technology is the fifth largest growth industry in the U.S.

New environmental initiatives developing renewable energy and energy efficiency
will spur more than 100,000 jobs in California and 37 million jobs nationwide.

Green Tech builds specialized green skills preparing its students to secure gainful employment in building design, construction trades, environmental management, science and engineerin

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