Author: Nadira Jamerson    Published: 12/15/2023    Word In Black

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You’ve probably seen a lot of talk across social media about COP28 — the 28th United Nations Climate Change conference discussing how we can create a healthier world for us all.

Leaders, lobbyists, and activists converged in Dubai for the two-week event. But what exactly did COP28 do for climate justice? For many, the most important issue to cover was the impact of fossil fuels on our world and how we can end their use.

After hours of negotiations, the “phase-out” language to end fossil fuel use got cut from the official Global Stocktake agreement on the second-to-last day of COP28. But executive vice president of the National Wildlife Federation and founder of Revitalization Strategies Mustafa Santiago Ali says progress was still made.

Phasing out talks were integrated “into both high-level negotiations and every session I attended,” he says. “This shift towards inclusivity and equity marks a significant evolution in the approach to these discussions.”

While there is still lots of work to be done in the climate justice space, it’s imp

Nadira Jamerson

Digital editorortant to celebrate our wins. Click here to read a full recap of COP28 and how decisions made there might affect your community.

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