Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, PhD, DHP, President of The Environmental Health Global

Environmental Health Global experts are Change Agents for cities, farms, and families that are plagued with illnesses caused by air and radiation toxins in the environments. Because of this problem, America is under a NATIONAL ADVISORY ALERT by many Federal Agencies. In some communities, everyone on the “Street” has cancer or asthma, diabetes, seizures and other diseases. We believe environmental diseases CAN BE eradicated and health regained! We are working to find ways to build capacity for reducing exposure to indoor toxins and creating healthy indoors.

Top of Discussion: What Is EMF Radiation Contamination In Water?
Electromagnetic Pollution And Your Toxic Tap Water

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on February 16, 2011

You might think I’m a bit off subject talking about tap water. Actually I’m right on subject.
You probably remember from your physics classes at school, water is the liquid which is the one of the best conductors of electricity. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Its probably because of this that electromagnetic pollution can permeate so effectively the biology of our bodies. People often ask me how I went from being very electrosensitive to living normally. There are many things I did and changes I made in my life but probably one of the most important was the day I decided to stop drinking tap water (that includes soups, tea and other beverages).

EMFs, Water And The Blood Brain Barrier

According to statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency there are hundreds of chemicals in our drinking water. Most prominent are chlorine and fluoride, which are added intentionally. In this video Professor Paul Connett tells the truth about fluoride in tap water. You will recall that previously I had talked about how EMFs impacted the blood brain barrier, well so does fluoride according to Professor Connett. Mmm?