SolSmart is a national designation program recognizing cities, counties, and towns that foster the development of mature local solar markets.
SolSmart is led by the International City/County Management Association and The Solar Foundation, along with a team of partners with deep expertise in solar energy and local governments.

Local governments have tremendous influence over the prospects for solar energy growth. Unnecessary paperwork, red tape, and other burdensome requirements increase costs and discourage solar companies from moving to the area. By streamlining these requirements and taking other steps to encourage solar development, communities become “open for solar business.” And since the solar industry is a leading source of American job creation, attracting solar investment in your community is a great way to promote economic development and new jobs.

SolSmart uses objective criteria to designate communities that have successfully met these goals. These communities receive designations of SolSmart Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Since the program launched in 2016, more than 150 municipalities nationwide have achieved SolSmart designation.

To help communities achieve designation, SolSmart provides no-cost technical assistance from a team of national experts who work with local governments to evaluate programs and practices that impact solar markets, and identify high-prospect opportunities for improvement. A select number of communities also have the opportunity to host SolSmart Advisors: fully-funded, experienced staff who work in communities for periods of up to six months.

All municipalities are eligible to join SolSmart and receive no-cost technical assistance to achieve designation. Get started now.