Author:       Published: 9/22/2022  ILRS


Americans are suffering the consequences of government policy actively encouraging corporate concentration for the last several decades. From stagnant wages to sky-high prices, struggling family farms to shuttered local businesses, communities across the country are squeezed as a few giant corporations consolidate control over our economy and political process. Monopoly power has become a leading issue at the kitchen table and along Main Street.

The Midwest Forum on Fair Markets, held Thursday, September 22 at Open Book in Downtown Minneapolis, explored new federal and state action to reinvigorate our antitrust policies and support small businesses, family farms, working people, and communities.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and FTC Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya made keynote addresses at the forum, which also featured panel discussions by people on the frontlines fighting for antimonopoly reform in Minnesota and nationally. Together, they helped lay out a path for creating an economy in which power and prosperity are widely distributed and progress is easier to achieve. You can read Commissioner Bedoya’s speech here.

Co-hosted by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and Open Markets Institute, this is the antimonopoly, pro-democracy event you don’t want to miss!