Author: Word In Black Staff     Published: 1/27/2024     Word In Black 

What comes to mind when you hear the term Afrofuturism? Maybe you think of artists like Octavia Butler, who used the written word to envision otherworldly societies, or movies like Black Panther, where Black folks had the power to harness advanced technology for the good of their communities.

But Afrofuturism goes beyond just arts and culture. In fact, it can be used to improve healthcare, strengthen our faith, and innovate our classrooms. That’s why we created “Black to the Future,” Word In Black’s series examining how Afrofuturism pushes us to imagine and create a world where people of African descent thrive.

As our health data reporter Anissa Durham explains, “At the core of Afrofuturism is the idea to use science, technology, and philosophy to create a better future for Black people.” Click here to read the full series — and remember, the future is Black.


Afrofuturism: A Journey to Health Equity

At the core of Afrofuturism is using science and tech to create a better future for Black folks. Here are three leaders who are doing that.




Octavia Butler, Mother of Afrofuturism, Wrote a Vision for Change

Butler dreamed worlds into words, penning herself into icon status for generations of Black women writers.




When Afrofuturism Enters the Classroom

Afrofuturism not only enhances academic engagement but also equips students with tools for combating racism and fostering a just society.



The stories of Black America are worth telling.
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An Afrofuturistic Look at the Faith Community

People of faith can certainly long for a future when the church isn’t dominated or disempowered by the majority white male society.




Urban Planning, But Add Some Afrofuturism

From Dallas to Portland, Black urban planners are redesigning Black communities as safe, functional, and optimal for health and well-being.




Journalist and teacher Sam P.K. Collins says adults and students need to see Black people in new and innovative worlds.

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