Founder & Chairman

Jerome Ringo is the founder and chairman of Zoetic Energy, a leading edge renewable energy developer. Zoetic is the culmination of Mr. Ringo’s life’s long work to promote sustainable development through the use of clean technology solution. He is an internationally recognized thought leader on global environmental issues and has led two of the largest environmental organizations in the world, the 6 million member National Wildlife Federation and the Apollo Alliance, which was a 19 million member organization during his tenure.

After years of advocacy work, Mr. Ringo saw the stark need for direct involvement. The needs in the developing world were so pressing, that he formed Zoetic to directly tackle issues such as energy security. Today, Mr. Ringo draws on an international network to bring best-in-class technology solutions to leaders in the developing world. He has formed a diverse team with broad experience in renewable energy solutions as well as development work in Africa, India, Asia and Latin America.

Under his leadership, Zoetic has secured a 100 MW Power Purchase Agreement with the Electricity Company of Ghana in January of 2016. In addition, he has met with leaders and ministers throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America to promote Zoetic’s unique hydrokinetic technology.

As climate change has moved to the forefront in development discussions after COP 21, Mr. Ringo offers a unique perspective based on his years in the oil and gas industry, environmental advocacy and now renewable energy development.

In addition, Mr. Ringo was featured in Vice President Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning Documentary, An Inconvenient Truth and has co-authored two books: Diversity and the Future of the U.S. Environmental Movement (published 2007) and The Green Festival Reader (published 2008).


Zoetic Energy is a project developer utilizing hydrokinetic turbines to generate substantial power in rapid fashion. Our focus is to capture the enormous amount of potential energy in the outflow area of dams.  We leverage existing infrastructure and bring additive power online without further societal or environmental harm.

Zoetic means, “of or pertaining to life.” It embodies the life’s work of its Founder and Chairman, Jerome Ringo. Jerome has been a leader in the environmental movement for decades.  Zoetic reflects his shift from advocacy to action, driven by a belief that solutions exist for the world’s big problems.



Access to electricity is paramount to economic growth and a better quality of life.  Zoetic is utilizing hydrokinetic turbines which capture significant energy from the outflow of hydro dams. Zoetic can deliver additional generation without additional infrastructure and any further environmental or societal impact. The hydrokinetic units are modular units which can be rapidly deployed to reduce development times. Today, Zoetic is actively involved in bringing these turbines to the developing world.


Uninterrupted access to electricity is a prerequisite to economic growth, resilient communities and increasing quality of life. The planet is starting to understand the consequences of using fossil fuel sources. We know we have to change our perspective on energy production and consumption in short order if we are to keep a habitable planet for future generations to come.

At the same time, there remain areas of the world without reliable access to energy, renewable or otherwise. Rolling blackouts and interrupted services are holding back progress in many countries. In Africa, the population now stands over 1 billion with hundreds of millions of those people in countries south of the Sahara having no reliable access to electricity. We have been working closely with our partners in Africa to solve problems like this, powering progress in countries like Ghana in West Africa with new, clean, commercially-viable technologies in hydropower.

Interest in hydropower to produce renewable energy has skyrocketed over the past decade, particularly in hydropower which harnesses energy stored in moving water. 76% of all renewable global energy is hydroelectric. In fact, total hydropower production worldwide has increased by 45% since 2004 — up 4% in 2014 alone.


Our specially designed hydrokinetic turbines harness the energy in flowing water more effectively than has been traditionally possible. Quickly deployed, partially or fully submerged in deep or shallow waters, our systems are ideal for supplementing electrical supply and infrastructure at existing dams – or for rural electrification by extending power generation capabilities to remote river areas with no dams.

Traditional hydropower projects require costly infrastructure builds, present social and environmental challenges and take years to complete. Return on investment for hydro projects that require new dam construction can take decades or more. In contrast, Zoetic’s hydrokinetic solutions can be delivered in a fraction of the time, with quicker Return on Investment and far lower risk.

Zoetic hydrokinetic solutions harness the naturally occurring kinetic energy found within flowing water. Harnessing the potential energy in the flow of water allows for an efficient production of energy. Hydrokinetic installations can also be arranged in sequence to increase output and meet the power needs of larger surrounding communities.


U.S.-based Zoetic Global deploys innovative clean technologies that address the most serious challenges facing people and the planet. Our focus is on implementing new hydrokinetic energy solutions across the developing world. We target existing hydro dams to leverage existing infrastructure to accelerate and increase energy generation.

Our multinational leadership team has experience in several fields, including clean technology, project finance, manufacturing, workforce development, logistics and environmental sustainability. This enables us to work seamlessly with technology companies, scientists, researchers, government leaders and corporations throughout the world.


  • COMPLETION: 2017

Ghana has emerged as the first location for Zoetic’s hydrokinetic power solutions. Zoetic’s management has worked in partnership with Togbe Afede XIV, now Director of Zoetic’s Ghana operation, to promote the technology and to negotiate a power purchase agreement with the Electricity Company of Ghana to bring new sources of hydropower to Ghana beginning in 2016.

To that end, Zoetic is preparing to outfit the Akosombo Dam, located on the Volta River in Southeast Ghana, with an array of hydrokinetic turbines. These turbines are rapidly deployed and utilize existing infrastructure thus accelerating the pace to achieve additional output.

When completed, the project is slated to generate up to an additional 100 megawatts of hydroelectric power. This initiative will increase the total power generation of the Akosombo site by 10%, bringing critically needed electricity to the Ghanaian power grid.