Author: Deborah Bailey    Published: 11/7/2021    AFRO

A historic list of benefits is on the way to African-American communities after Congress finally passed the bi-partisan infrastructure bill late Friday night.

Shortly before midnight, the House of Representatives passed a 1.2 trillion infrastructure package representing the most expansive measure of its kind in almost 70 years. The legislation will improve the nation’s ailing roads and highways, bridges, transit system, airport, railways, water systems and broadband and create thousands of jobs.

The measure passed 228-206, with the support of 13 Republicans. Six progressive Democrats voted against the bill, including four African-American members of the House of Representatives.  The legislation had already been approved by the Senate in August.

“I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to suggest we took a monumental step forward as a nation,” President Biden said at the White House Saturday morning along with Vice President Kamala Harris in a celebratory address to the American people.