Presidential Commissioner
Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, PhD, DHP, RN

The MiChi Health EpiCenter of MiChi University (MU) is a private non-profit corporation. MU offers services in health physics, research, education and wellness programs specific to environmental health management for government, private, and public enterprises as well as Houses of Worship.

The Healthy SMART Homes 2020 Project, of MU, is America’s first “Bio-Engineering” homecare model.  The program was developed to support The National Call to Action of the US Office of the Surgeon General | Department of Health and Human Services to “Promote Healthy Homes and Healthy People. ”  It was the featured program of the 6th Annual Health Disparities Conference in NYC and was the featured program that was webinared to the Global Community.

The EpiCenter emerged out of the despairing cry of a mother’s hope for her son.  She moved her family from Washington, DC to Ohio, after her husband died, and unknowingly brought a home that was built on nuclear waste and full of radiation toxins. It made her son, Prince Kahlif, loose over 60% of his brain theta wave and altered his behavior so that he becam as a 7 yo who was stuck in manic aggression and rage.  He had to be hospitalized for almost a year.  She too suffered from chest pain, rapid heart rate, breast tumors, sleep apnea, insomnia, gastric reflux, lymph edema, and alterations of the alpha brain wave.  It was the compassion of a Russian Doctor that she met at a medical conference in Canada who was merciful to speak to her about being toxic with electromagnetic radiation and ask her …if she had ants… in her home?  She replied, “Yes, an ant infestation in fact!”  The doctor then offered to give her an evaluation for EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation poisoning. She accepted it.  The findings confirmed her observations of  Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale was indeed sick with EMF radiation poisoning.  The doctor then advised her to get an engineer to evaluate her home.  Those findings revealed that the home was full of converging letal environmental toxins.

The Greenspace Living Laboratory in Ohio (below.)  It was donated to the Academic Collegiant Collaborative of Central Ohio.