Author: Mike Tidwell        Published: 5/17/2022      CNN

Dear Ronald,

Tell Biden to declare a national climate emergency, opening funds for renewable energy and more.Sign our Petition!

We have 33 weeks.

That’s what the United

Nations Secretary General said. We only have until the end of this year to begin drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions if we want a shot at avoiding a global climate catastrophe.

So what are we waiting for?

Ronald, add YOUR NAME to this petition calling on President Joe Biden to officially declare climate change an emergency under the National Emergencies Act.

This is a step that President Biden can take right now. By declaring climate change a national emergency, the Biden administration would have the ability to reinstate the crude oil export ban, redirect disaster relief funds toward renewable energy construction in frontline communities, and tell companies to fast-track renewable transportation and clean power generation.

And, in the process, we could create millions of high-quality union jobs in the clean-energy sector.

Biden can do this today. No more waiting around for Congress to get its act together (although we’re working on that, too).

Ronald, take thirty seconds to add your name: Tell Biden to declare climate change a national emergency – because that’s what it is! 

Combating climate change benefits us all. By moving to alternative energy, we will create better jobs, cleaner water, healthier foods, fresher air, and better traffic safety.

But we’re fighting against powerful interests. Fossil fuel companies are spending millions lobbying Congress and shuffling blame for climate change from producers to consumers with deceptive advertising. They downplay their role to undermine climate litigation, regulation, and activism. Big Oil is determined to protect profits, even if they burn the planet down.

Don’t let Big Oil win. Urge Biden to declare climate change a national emergency NOW so we can immediately begin ramping up renewables and laying out the path to a sustainable future!

In solidarity,

Mike TidwellExecutive DirectorChesapeake Climate Action Network