Author: EERE Staff    Published: 6/8/2024    EERE Funding Opportunities 

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Upskill Prize Graphic

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) launched a new competition aimed at strengthening the solar manufacturing workforce.

PHASE 1 DUE DATE: 5/21/2024

1ST WEBINAR: 3/20/2024

The $5 million American-Made Upskill Prize for the Solar Manufacturing Workforce (Upskill Prize), is designed to realize the full potential of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)bolster U.S. competitiveness in the solar supply chain, and create high-quality jobs for U.S. workers.  

The prize incentivizes partnerships between U.S. manufacturers and training organizations, aiming to attract new workers to careers in solar manufacturing with job-ready training programs. Eligible manufacturers include those in polysilicon, ingot, wafer, cell, module, and module components like glass.

Competing teams propose comprehensive workforce training plans that are composed of either or both:

  • New Worker Training: Develop and propose plans to train new workers with the skills they need to be successful in the solar manufacturing industry, particularly at new or expanding manufacturing facilities.
  • Incumbent Worker Training: Develop and propose plans to train incumbent workers with new skills needed to support the growth of solar manufacturing.

The Upskill Prize offers a total prize pool of approximately $5 million. Winning teams receive up to $500,000 each for their submitted comprehensive workforce training plans.